Our Mission

The mission of Sunshine Girl Charities, Inc. is to create a brighter future for coming generations by focusing on the needs of some the world's most vulnerable, specifically, children, animals, and the environment. By taking targeted action for the vulnerable, we can not only improve their own conditions but also inspire others to take action to further the causes in which they believe. Through community-driven kindness, we aim to create a sunnier world than the one we already live in.

Sunshine Girl Charities, Inc. is a Manasquan, NJ-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.


Our Motivation

Our motivation stems from the birth of our founders’ daughter, Kayla Emerson, whose smile and joyful spirit represent the fresh promise of tomorrow. Fueled by the inspiration of our "Sunshine Girl" and wishing to not only make her proud of us but to motivate her to live a life that includes some level of service to others, we work locally and globally to effect positive change.