Spreading light so that hope may blossom.

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Our Mission

The mission of Sunshine Girl Charities, Inc. is to create a brighter future for coming generations by focusing on the needs of some the world's most vulnerable, specifically, children, animals, and the environment. By taking targeted action for the vulnerable, we can not only improve their own conditions but also inspire others to take action to further the causes in which they believe. Through community-driven kindness, we aim to create a sunnier world than the one we already live in.


Our Impact

Through our multifarious programs, we are able to reach a broad spectrum of vulnerable populations, acting on opportunities to create solutions, provide support, and enrich the lives of those in need. Since 2014, we have provided Safe Birth Kits to women in Haiti, donated Christmas gifts, birthday boxes, and school supplies to underserved communities and refugee families, provided care packages for shelter pets, assembled school supply boxes for Ugandan children, planted community gardens for schools, grieving centers, and nursing homes, and supported the needs of children transitioning into foster care, among many other causes. We are always looking for more ways to help vulnerable children, animals, and the environment.



safe birth kits assembled

During our semi-annual Day of Service events, we have been able to gather the necessary supplies and assemble over 700 safe birth kits for mothers in Haiti.



Years Serving communities

What started as an intention to better the world around the founder’s first born, Sunshine Girls Charities has served dozens of vulnerable populations in the past 4 years, with no sign of slowing down.



Thousand people Impacted

Between all of our programs and efforts, we estimate that the number of people impacted by Sunshine Girls Charities exceeds 15,000, and continues to grow with each new effort.


Our Programs

Our programs fluxuate to adapt to the needs that are brought to our attention by various vulnerable communities. While the support we lend is dynamic and flexible, there are ongoing programs that we sustain year after year. We are always open and eager to welcome volunteers to get involved with the ongoing programs, the spontaneous efforts, and ways to expand to help even more populations who could use some love.


Safe Birth Kits

A small kit consisting of a plastic sheet, string, a blanket and hand sanitizer can be lifesaving for women giving birth. We assemble these kits in mass quantities and ship them to organizations in Haiti to distribute to pregnant women.

Shelter Pet Project

A little comfort goes a long way for pets in animal shelters, so we gather blankets, food, toys, leashes, and beds to send to shelters to provide animals with a little extra love.

Operation Christmas

Sent each holiday season to children in Africa, Operation Christmas consists of a shoebox filled with small items. With little to no toys and basic toiletries, children are gifted small items to celebrate the holiday season.

birthday boxes

Rather than a stranger providing a child with a birthday gift, birthday boxes (consisting of cake mix, a card, a gift, and wrapping paper) are given to the parent of the child so that they can celebrate their loved one’s special day with dignity and love.


Get Involved

If you’re looking to make a meaningful contribution to help others in need, we invite you to learn more about our programs, become a volunteer, or make a donation.



See which program would be the right fit for you, or share your ideas for new ways to help vulnerable populations.

Volunteer opportunities

We are always happy to welcome new people who are looking to volunteer. There’s no better time than now!

Make a Donation

Financial donations go a long way within small Nonprofit organizations; every dollar makes a direct impact.